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Chaplain's Corner

Is your spouse deployed and serving our nation?
Has your loved one just returned from duty?
(Stateside or Overseas)

COME AND JOIN US for a free dinner and a drink.

We appreciate you and your serving loved one.
Come and meet your very thankful American Legion.  We thank you for your sacrifice.

Please contact Post 162

Dave Harris at the Forum
Tropper Marilyn Sinwich

Norman McPhail
Donna Dooley

May they rest in peace in the comfort of our Lord's arrns
The Good book says it's better to give than to receive and I am so thrilled to see our post doing so well thanks to each and everyone of you. Whether it's Greg Hardy who volunteered to put up another very successful blood drive or all of you auxiliary ladies giving of your time to help in the day to day operation of the post. The good news is that our post in is much better shape now than it has been in numerous previous years. But better news is that we are in a position to "cast our bread upon the water" and give back to our community. The Commander along
with the board and I will be interviewing all the possible
candidates for Boys State so please pray for each and
everyone of us to have discernment and wisdom as we
proceed. I truly wish we could send each and everyone
of them and very tough decisions will have to be made.
Until next time; May God bless you all.

Todd Avant

Chaplain's Box

To better serve our comrades in need, it is important to make direct contact with the Chaplain ASAP.  As former military men and women, we are all well aware of the importance of a timely response, especially to those in need. There is a Chaplain's Box on the wall to the left of the front door, between the front door and the Bulletin Board, at eye level. Use this box to submit your comments, when you visit the Post. This box is regularly checked by the writer.

Chaplain:  Todd Avant


Opportunity may knock but once, temptation bangs on the door, forever.

When you get to wit's end, you'll find God lives there.

God , Himself,  doesn't propose to judge a person until he/she is dead. Why should we?

People may not remember exactly what you did or said; but, they will 
always remember, how you made them feel.
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Sadly, we have lost WWII USN member/officer, and friend Jack Murphy. Post Everlasting Memorial Service for John E. "Jack" Murphy will be Sunday June 7  at Noon upstairs.